About Me

Hello and Welcome to my blog!

My name is Lisa and I live in beautiful Tennessee with my hubby and our sweet dog, Jasmine.

Together we raised two wonderful kids, a son and daughter, and now we are officially empty nesters. It took some getting used to but it's kinda nice. In
September of 2016 I became a Mimi and gotta say Mimi life is the best! :)

I enjoy crafting in my spare time and I do not have a particular style. Actually I like to mix it up and create a variety of things-altered items, assemblages, cards, 3D paper projects, mini albums, art journaling, mixed media projects, and most recently pocket letters. 

The craft community is such a generous place and I am continually inspired by the blogs, Pinterest boards, You Tube videos, Snap Guide Tutorials, and various teachers from all over the world. 

In July 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting two mixed media artists-Finnabair and Donna Downey- when I took my first live class with Finn at Donna's studio in Huntersville, North Carolina. It goes without saying that every time I have the opportunity to take a class from Finn, I will! She is an amazing teacher who truly wants to inspire the creative side in you and encourages your independent style, not hers. 

I traveled back to Donna's studio the following year for Tracy Verdugo's class and it was wonderful meeting her in person.

 (Finnabair, aka Anna Dabrowska)

Donna Downey

I have taken several online classes and Andrea Gomoll is one of my favorite mixed media artists. I love her whimsical style and she's a great teacher. Other online classes by Christy Tomlinson, Tim Holtz, Tracy Verdugo and Tamara LaPorte have also shaped my style. 

Currently I am not designing for anyone nor am I creating on a regular basis. In July 2018 I was diagnosed with appendix cancer and my world changed overnight. I am one year out from my diagnosis and nearly a year out from my CRS (cyto-reduction surgery) and HIPEC (hot chemo treatment) and I have to agree that a year can make a huge difference in a person's life. It certainly did mine but all for the better. I cherish each day and those I share it with!! While the crafty bug hasn't hit me again yet I know it will and I can feel some of the mojo coming back. I can't wait to start exploring all of the new techniques I missed during this past year and journal what my cancer journey has taught me. There's more to explore, more to do and more to enjoy in this life. Thankfully with God's healing in my life I am again enjoying life, living with a joyful heart and finding gratitude in all things.....even on the hard days. 

July 21, 2019
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