Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi everybody, are you still out there??? Sorry to be away so long but with the holiday hustle & bustle, endless cooking & baking, holiday decorating & undecorating I found myself completely & totally exhausted. I have to confess that I no longer attempt to be super woman like I did in my 20's & 30's and it is totally okay. But I am back today and I'm sharing a Christmas gift that my super sweet sis handmade for me and I really love it!!! She found the inspiration for this project on Becca Fekken's blog, Amazing  Paper Grace, and I'm including a link in case you want to check out her original. Here's a few more pictures of the front and inside back cover.

You can see how much work went into this calendar and I'll love it forever!!! Hope all of you had a wonderful New Year's Eve and Day and it's so good to be back in blogland again, I've missed you guys.


Margaret said...

This is AWESOME! I have a perpetual calendar that I inked up, but this puts mine to shame! Absolutely beautiful papers and elements! What a wonderful gift!

Lisa M said...

So good to see you again! Your calendar from your sister is FABULOUS!!!
Thank you for your visits and comments as well....
Big hugs to you,
Lisa xx

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