Tuesday, June 5, 2012

That's What Sisters Are For

Made by Cyndy Worthington

So glad you dropped by today. Recently I celebrated my 48th birthday and while that might depress some ;) I count myself lucky. Every day is a gift and one more day that I get to spend with my family. This birthday was extra special because I received a quilled card from my sister, Cyndy, that is a true papercrafting work of art. My jaw dropped when I saw all of the intricate details, dimension and the amount of work she put into this card. Imagine my delight when I opened my gifts and she'd set me up to quill my heart away too. WooHoo! She also gave me a book on The Art of Paper Quilling by Claire Sun-ok Choi and I was totally blown away by the projects in this book. There is no end to the creations that can be made with this medium and I'm looking forward to getting started. Cyndy used The Basket of Flowers quilling project found on pp. 40-41 in Claire's book to create this card and I hope you agree, it's a beauty. I've got a *few* close ups for you.

Thanks again to my big sis for sharing her talent and generosity with me! I will be rolling quilling paper in the evenings for a while and when I have enough finished I hope to share a project with you. Keep your fingers crossed, will ya? I am not known for my patience as one of her sticky notes referenced. :) Now if only I could stay in and catch up on missed sleep from the previous two nights thanks to weather and a mouse who has a fetish for chocolate. Yes, we have an uninvited guest and it's highly unusual because we never have pest problems but this is one intelligent mouse AND a chocoholic. Imagine my horror to hear him shredding gold foil off the golden egg that I 'finally' {after 40 years} got, this past Easter, at 1:52am this morning. Now there's a story there {the golden egg} but I'll have to fill you in on my next post because I really need to run some errands unfortunately.  BTW, the answer to your question is yes, we do have two cats living in our home and one outside but I suppose their palettes are too refined to dine on mouse. What a shame for my poor DH who I find to be very squeamish about all things concerning mice and frankly catching a mouse {or mice} is NOT in my contract so he WILL have to do it!!! Where is my son when I need him the most, at Basic Combat Training in the U. S. Army. LOL!
Have a great day,


Mona L. Pendleton said...

Happy Birthday Lisa! I agree with you! Each and every day is a blessing that's why we have to live life to it's fullest! Your card is beautiful! Your sister is an AMAZING quilling artist! WOW! What a beautiful keepsake to frame!

Lisa M said...

Hahahaha..I thought you were pulling my leg with your message, but you really DO have a mouse! What gives with his fetish for YOUR chocolate?? I dare say, it must be a distinguished mouse of sorts. :) By all means, book a day at the Spa and return after hubby catches it!
Your sister is one, an AMAZING quiller and two, FANTASTIC for getting you hooked on another addiction. I love it! Her creation is completey outstanding and I can't believe ALL that detailed and ornate work on a card...WOWZERS. Makes me sad I'm an only child...can you all adopt me? LOL I'm house trained, I can clean and I won't eat your chocolate at 1:52 in the morning, maybe 8 but not a minute before that. :)
Happy Happy Happy belated birthday... Will be praying for the 29th for your son too; just incase his dad hasn't caught that darn vermin yet.
Hugs to you L1...I look forward to seeing your beautiful creations of quilling.

Sharon Ngoo said...

Hi Lisa!! Wow!!! that's a super card! Can see the amount of effort and love that went into it! And congrats on your new book! Woo hoo! Bet you're gonna have fun!!! :)

Shannon White said...

Wow Lisa! This is Amazing! Your Sisters quilling is just Fabulous! You can see all the Love she poured into this too! a Very Happy Belated Birthday to you! It is so True that each day is a blessing!

Big Hugs

Margaret said...

Happy Birthday (a little late!)!! This is one gorgeous and detailed card! I've always been a little intimidated by this technique...so I'll let you try it out first!!
Hope your uninvited house guest with impeccable taste is no longer residing with you! Unfortunately, we are not strangers to this issue. We have to do battle every fall when the farmer cuts the field behind our house, and we have one awesome mouser cat too! Guess we need to add a few more kitties :)

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