Monday, January 14, 2013

Use Every Stamp 2013 Challenge

Attend the Class & Take the Challenge
Jeri Parks, founder of My Creative Classroom, is offering a FREE class to help you use the unmounted stamps you have and organize them in 2013. It's a challenge I chose to accept because I have so many stamps that have never seen ink before and that's a shame. While Jeri shares that feeling guilty about the unused stamps you own is a wasted emotion and that it is far better to just start using your stamps, I do feel some guilt lol. That's why I am here today, sharing this information with you in the event you too have stamp guilt and want to do something about it.
A few steps and you'll be on your way:
1. Click the link under the graphic 
2. Follow the directions in Jeri's post
3. Count your unmounted stamps
4. Set your goal
Now for the moment of truth, how many unmounted stamps do I have. I'll fess up in a minute but here's how I categorized my stamps. Note: Foam, alphabet, and number sets are Jeri's exceptions to this challenge so I am following suit as well and not counting them.
Full Sets (10+ stamps) 
Mini Full Sets (2-9 stamps) 
**Stamp Wheels**
I initially wasn't going to include this group because several of my wheels have been used but I changed my mind because at least half still have the wrapper on them and that just won't do lol.  
My unmounted stamp total is 506
18 Stamp Wheels
373 Full & Mini-Full Sets
115 Singles
I know :(  and now you see why I choose to participate in this challenge. While my total is higher than Jeri's count of 316 it is lower than some of you out there. ;) Seriously, how am I going to use all of these stamps? I am committing to use at least one stamp from every mini full set, two from my full sets and all of my singles & stamp wheels. Whew! So how is that possible, here's a few of my ideas for completing my task goal. :)
Scrapbook Layout's
Mini Albums
Mini Books
Art Journal pages
Mixed Media Art projects
Altered Art projects
Okay, there's my plan and I can always use more than the specified stamps from each set if I want to but I'll be doing well to use what I committed to. It's important to remember that this is your own personal goal-it's not meant to be rigid but fun. One more thing, the challenge officially kicks off today but I am starting from January 1st because I've already made two mini books using a lot of stamps and every stamp counts. A notebook will help me keep track of what I use along the way and I'll have pages labeled for each company's stamps. That way I can quickly record the stamp and I plan to place a dot label on the stamp package when I use the required number from each set/stamp wheel. If you come up with a better system please feel free to share with me. :-)
So, why did I write all this in a post? Your chances of completing a goal vastly improve if you write it down. Yep, it's true! So I not only wrote it down in my journal, I decided to make it official by blogging about it. By doing that, it brings in accountability on my part and hopefully I will be able to mark this goal accomplished on December 31st.
Thanks for dropping by today and I hope you'll check in tomorrow to see the thank you card I created for a very special person.
Happy Stamping Everyone!
Lisa xx


Asha said...

That's quite a challenge, Lisa. I'll be keeping an eye on your progress, my friend!


Margaret said...

GO LISA!!!!! First of all, I am impressed that you know how many stamps you have and are organizing them for this challenge!! Second, I can't wait to see all of the fabulous creations you will be sharing with us!

If this is only for unmounted stamps, I wouldn't be close to your numbers! A lot of my stamps are wood-mounted and I don't even want to think about how many of them have been sitting around...

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