Monday, August 10, 2015

More Fun with Finnabair

Finnabair's Time Capsule class project

I said a few weeks ago that I'd share the second class project that I made from my two day class with Finnabair but never did. It honestly slipped my mind with the craziness that has been my life this summer. I took the opportunity to get some home improvement projects done with my daughter home from college and as usual one project turned into another... :)

I'm back now to share my mixed media canvas from Finn's Time Capsule class. In the class we made three canvases however I'm only sharing my middle canvas for now. I have plans to personalize the side panels with photos of my mom and my late MIL. The trio will hang in my guest bedroom that honors the two of them. Hopefully I can get that done soon. 

The Flaming Hearts Ex Votos II relic by Sandra Evertson was part of our kit and it was altered with Finn's mixed media products

Various shades of mica powder bring this canvas to life. 

Prima blooms + Mechanicals make a beautiful bouquet.

Can you tell what my favorite product on this canvas is?

Before I tell you what it is let me say how much I love Finn's stencils. They are sturdy and super easy to work with, I used the Honeycomb stencil on my background with White Sand-Texture Paste.  

Ok, my favorite product is her Gold Mica Powder! 
When I mixed it with water and sprayed a coat over my canvas...pure magic happened!!

Finn's Bottle Cap Mechanicals were layered then filled with Crystal Glass Beads and Platinum Glass Glitter.  

I love the softness of this canvas. 

I highly recommend that you take one of her classes if you get the opportunity. You'll see for yourself what an awesome teacher she is and I loved getting feedback from her. She certainly inspired me to create something every day. I have a ton of stuff coming up in the next few months here on my blog and I can't wait to share it with all of you.  

This is our selfie which I am so proud of. It was two busy but totally fantastic days of creative fun!!! I don't know how she keeps the hectic schedule she's on with her North American tour but I'm so grateful she came so I could take her classes. Thanks Finn!!!

Thanks for looking, have a wonderful week.
Lisa xx


Gitte said...

Beautiful work.

Felicia said...

Lisa, what an awesome opportunity! I would so LOVE to take a class from her!! Maybe one day! I love this project that you did, that I feel like you put your own spin on! I love those subtle colors and the whole "feel" of the project! Just beautiful!!

Caroline D. said...

It's just beautiful!! Thanks too for bringing back the fun of the weekend. Adding the photos of your mom and MIL is such a great idea and it will be something you'll cherish even more. Enjoy the rest of the summer and your time with your daughter. She probably feels like college is flying by too fast also.

Sue Lelli said...

LOVE your time capsule and your selfie with Finn! Gorgeous colors and the Mica is to die for! I took 4 classes with her in St Pete this past weekend and it was the Best EVER!! I'll post MY time capsule cover tomorrow. Wish we could have taken the classes together!

Pia S said...

It's a lovely piece of art, I love the softness of the colors and all that beautiful texture. Definitely deserves to be decorating a wall...

Lisa Minckler said...

I'm in LOVE!!!!!! It's absolutely breathtaking and I can't stop looking at it. I'm loving these posts :)

butterfly said...

Such pretty, delicate, ice cream pastels, and the gold sparkle brings the whole thing shimmering to life - beautiful work. Very much looking forward to the results of the rest of the class. So glad you had fun - isn't Finn lovely?!
Alison xx

Tracy said...

This was worth the wait to see. Wowza! The texture and the subtle colors...amazing Lisa. What a beautiful centerpiece for your mother honoring. Hugs!

Peanut said...

Oh the texture! I just want to reach out and touch it. Super gorgeous, Lisa!
hugs, Asha

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