Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Outgoing and Incoming Pocket Letters

Sweet Treats Group swap Pocket Letter

Hello and Welcome!

I promised to share a mixed media angel today but since this is the last day of September I'm going to to share my last outgoing PL and my incoming PL's from my pals.

This pocket letter was created for the Sweet Treats Group swap and it went out to my pal, Meghan, in New York. We both love cupcakes so I included several in the design and it's chock full of goodies. Everybody loves goodies, right!

First I'll let you in on a little secret....I discovered the Dutch magazine Flow in my fave bookstore a few months ago and it's a papercrafter's dream. They pack every issue with fun stuff which you can use in your crafting and sometimes even the articles come in handy. ;)

Check out the photo below...
{had to photograph it sideways due to glare}

One of the articles in the August issue provided the perfect confectionery background for my Sweet Treats swap. Some Flow issues are smaller in size and this one happened to be so I made up the difference with pink cardstock pockets trimmed with cupcake washi tape. :)

The Italian "La Dolce Vita" phrase was a must for this pocket letter. It means "The Sweet Life" and I hope Meghan always has a sweet life. In the far left pocket is my letter to her and the pocket on the right holds some sweet treats for her.

Row two holds my tea packet, note about me and my 3?'s for my pal.

This row is where the main goodies are-stickers, washi tape samples with coordinating baker's twine, and some fun ephemera. The green cupcake on the far right pocket is a page magnetic bookmark and it's scented. I love it and I hope she does too!

Quickly, here's a snap of the back of her pocket letter.

Now, as much fun as it is to create pocket letters for my pals, it's totally awesome to receive letters as well.  So far I have received four but since one is Halloween themed I'm going to save it for next week. Here are the other 3 letters in the order I received them.

First PL from my pal Renee in New Jersey.
I love it and she created the paper using mixed media techniques. The brooch on the top row-middle can be worn or used in a crafty project.  The girl with the umbrella is so sweet and I love the digi she used for her tea pocket. Awesome pocket letter, thanks Renee!!! 

Second PL from my pal Meghan in New York.
Love the bright, fun colors of this PL and the pockets were full of goodies and sweet treats. Yay! It's always nice to meet another cupcake aficionado. Honestly, who never met a cupcake they didn't like. :) Thanks so much Meghan!!!

and last but not least is the PL I received yesterday from my Canadian pal, Tiana. 
A girl after my own heart!!! 
We decided to swap PL's with a Cats and Cute Animals theme and I am thrilled with my PL. All of the whimsical animals are hand drawn by her which just makes this over the top awesome for me. I absolutely adore this PL Tiana!!! Uh, did I mention she's 15? Yep, what a talent she is!! 

I had to include some close ups of her adorable animals. 

She created mixed media backgrounds for each and I love all of the detail.

I have such an affinity for rabbits and this sweet rabbit stole my heart.

As a bonus she included her drawings in the pockets so I can use them in future projects. Needless to say it will be for a journal or keepsake that will remain with me. :)
Thank you Tiana!!!

Okay, thanks for sticking in there with this long post today. I'll have the mixed media angel up on my blog by Friday Monday and next week I'll be sharing some fall projects featuring The Cutting Cafe's templates, printable stamps and cutting files. I'm sure a PL will be up as well lol.

Take care, wherever you are!
Lisa xx

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butterfly said...

Scrumptious in every possible way! And what wonderful swapping.
Alison xx

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