Friday, June 10, 2016

Incoming May Pocket Letters

Thank goodness it's Friday!!!

Edited Post: I found another pl I received from April that arrived in May :)

Hi everyone, today I'd like to share the incoming pocket letters I received from my Pocket Letter Pals during May.
It's always a great day when happy mail arrives. :)

First up is the pl you see above and it's from my pal, Katrin, who hails from Germany. We exchange pl's regularly on a personal basis and she's become a special pal to me. Sometimes we set themes while other times we just surprise each other. This was a surprise altered art pl with a touch of Alice (as in Wonderland). She also incorporated two of my fave colors- red and black-and used Bo Bunny's fab paper collection - Star Crossed.
The result is a pl that I absolutely adore!!!

I love the stamps and images in this collection. :)
Katrin sent me some fabulous goodies and truly spoiled me, thank you sweet friend.
I love everything!!!

The next pl is from my pal, Deb, in Maine.
 We did a personal swap with a steampunk theme and she used some of my fave G45 papers.

She created the miniature steampunk figures which are so fun!
Fantastic pocket letter Deb, thank you! I love my goodies too!! :)

The 3rd pl is from my pal, Sarah, in Ohio . 
We were partners in a private group swap and the assigned theme was to use 9 faces and decorate each one differently.

I love each one of these incredible faces.

Look at the detail she added and the small shaker embellie is so cool. :)
Thanks so much Sarah and for my wonderful goodies too! 

Last but not least is the April pl that I received in May (after my incoming pl post).
It's from my pal, Jennifer, in Minnesota .

We did a personal swap with a spring theme and I love the soft colors she used. They remind me of ice cream for some reason lol.

The pretty flowers and butterflies speak of spring to me and I love the paper she used.
 Thanks Jennifer for my beautiful pl and goodies!

One more pl....from my friend, Aparna,  in India. We swapped spring themed pl's in April and it arrived in May...put it in the stack to be photographed then moved it and it was lost in the shuffle. Sorry Aparna, it's here now and I love it!

Sorry about the glare but hopefully you can see how adorable this pl is. Love the row of burlap pockets in the middle and the fun shaker on the bottom row. I happen to love butterflies, flowers, birds and ladybugs so this one makes me happy. Thanks again Aparna!

Each of my wonderful pals send me fab goodies to play and craft with and I appreciate you so much!
Thanks for always making happy mail a terrific day!!!

Okay I'm caught up with my incoming pl's, hope you enjoyed seeing them. :) I'm currently taking a break at PLP's but I do have two pl's to complete and mail out this month. I just couldn't squeeze them in last month with all the crazy stuff happening and I really appreciate my pals patience. I found out yesterday that Katrin's is caught up in U.S. Customs and hopefully they'll release it and send it on its way soon. We've had good luck so far but my package was a bit bulky this time. Oops, they frown on that. Sorry!

Have a great weekend everyone, it's my first one at home in weeks and I'm looking forward to relaxing a bit! I'll be back Monday with photos from my recent two day trip to North Carolina for the Paint Mojo art class with Australian artist, Tracy Verdugo. See you then!


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