Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Halloween Shadowbox

Hello and Welcome!

Today I'd like to share the Halloween shadowbox I created for my dear friend, Katrin. She lives in Germany and they do not celebrate Halloween. Really, say what??? She shared that she loves this holiday so along with our Halloween themed pocket letters we exchanged shadowboxes as well. My schedule was crazy in October but thankfully she was in no hurry and hey since they don't celebrate it no pressure! :) It mailed out 3 days after Halloween and arrived late last week which was super fast. I'm waiting to share the Halloween pocket letters because my overseas incoming pl's haven't arrived yet. Soon hopefully!   

My favorite item has to be the candy corn tree. I've always wanted to make one of these and it was super easy. Masking tape protected the areas where I didn't want color (top of tree) or needed to change colors. Dylusions ink sprays were applied directly over the exposed area and I used a manila tag to mop up the excess. A little trick I learned from Tim Holtz. :) After it dried I painted the wood base with black acrylic paint and added a "31" adhesive sticker. I have a thing for bats so I added 3 glitter sticker bats to the tree and I love the way it turned out. I see many more of these in my future! I added some small pumpkins and JoLee's Boutique stickers to the background. 

Another favorite of mine is the word "BOO" spelled out with Tim's wood letterpress letters. Each base was painted black then I went over the letters with orange acrylic paint. The candied apple (to the left) is a dimensional sticker by JoLee's boutique. You can see one of Tim's wishbones on the left which are so cute. In the bottom left box I used a dimensional sticker by Recollections and I added a paper extension to it so it would stand out from the back. You can't see it but I placed some tiny pumpkins to the right of the spooky house as well. 

I knew I wanted a skeleton for one of the vignette scenes and these were really hard to find this year. I searched Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's as well as Michael's with no luck, in the end I found a four pack at the Dollar Store. I bought the last two in stock and now I'll have some for next year and I sent my friend some as well. Honestly next year I think I'll just start there for Halloween crafty stuff. The small pumpkins were purchased last year at a gift shop in Franklin, Tennessee. They were part of a potpourri pack and I just love them. I coated each one with a thin layer of Deco Art's matte gel medium to add a protective coating. I also used this product to adhere the patterned paper to the back of each small box within the shadowbox. It's a great product with many uses! 

You can see two of Tim's rub-ons in this photo-one on the glass bottle and the other on the background paper. There's also a snip of his laboratory washi tape on there as well. The large bottle holds tiny bones which are cake decorations by Wilton. In the smaller bottle I decided to crush some of the candy bones and the rub on was perfect. I dismembered the skeleton and his legs were placed in this vignette while his head and body are in a box to the left. Sound gruesome, doesn't it?!? I promise he didn't feel a thing lol.  

This close up shows what the top boxes look like. I added a dimensional pumpkin with a glitter moon and star stickers in the background on the left and the right box simply has a trio of bats with clear gemstone eyes and a small pumpkin. You can also see the Halloween puffy sticker I placed on the top left of the shadowbox. The big glitter spider has been in my stash for a while and I added some white paint to highlight his/her eyes. 

The shadowbox was covered with Hazel and Ruby's wide spider web washi tape. For the inside boxes I painted each one with black acrylic paint by Ranger and added touches of gold/silver paint. I added Tim's metal feet to each corner to elevate it and to hold each one in place I used a hot glue gun. Most of the items were added with hot glue with a few exceptions where I used Art Basic's matte gel (by Finnabair for Prima Marketing). 

Thanks for your visit today, have a great day!


Creativehobbit81 said...

Hi Lisa,
Just wanted to say it again: I totally love my Shadowbox!!!!
You are such a talented crafter and I'm so happy I got another masterpiece made by you.
Katrin xoxo

Anonymous said...

Goodness me Lisa this is something else! hugs me xx

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