Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Secret Sister Flipbook

Well it's a bit late in the day but I'm back with a flip book that I recently made for my secret sister. Every January the ladies in our church draw names and that person is our secret sister for the year. Usually once a month we leave a surprise gift for them and it has been a lot of fun to give and receive. Obviously this person loves flamingos and you'll see them throughout this book. The sticker on the cover was gifted to me by my sweet friend, Katrin, as well as other stickers in this book. 

Now a confession...this is for the husband of a dear friend who jokingly commented one day he wished he had a secret sister. He's battled cancer since 2011 and for the first time since his initial diagnosis he received the report in August that his cancer is gone. The doctors are bewildered but we are giving all the credit to God for healing him. I was thinking afterwards about making him something special that would reflect how we all feel about him. This flip book really touched him and he's now our honorary secret sister. :)  

Let's check it out...

I placed journal cards over the photos and they flip up with a private message to him. 

More wonderful stickers from Katrin on this page and a journal card from American Crafts.

I cut this journal card from a sheet of 6x6 sheet of paper and rounded the bottom corners with a corner chomper.

The right page flips open to reveal a tri-fold spread below. 

I created the paper for this tri-fold spread using mixed media paper, stencils, modeling paste, ink sprays and Sharpie water-based pens. I love the way it turned out and the colors were perfect. 

This journal card reveals another message and a photo underneath of dear friends.

I loved using this clear acetate with mini flamingos to create overlays. The dotted pink paper flips down to reveal another message and then it flips again to the right revealing the page below.   

The gold flamingo was another gift from Katrin. :)  

The tri-fold page flips up and down to reveal this page and the two below.

I found this image online and added 3D stickers and spelled out our message with Tim's chit chat stickers.

I added a clear sticker over the watercolor heart journal card along with a paper sticker.

The back cover is decorated with various stickers.

I altered this white bag with some washi tape and added a little note held in place with a flamingo paper clip. Flamingos all the way for our secret sister. ;)

Thanks for the visit today. Hope you are having a great day, wherever you are!

Lisa xx

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Jackie PN said...

I am so happy I came over to check out the inside of this book! How wonderful!! The time and detail that is in here,made my heart well, I bet your receiver's did also! How thoughtful and so beautiful!
Jackie xo

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