Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wild Roses

I used Vintage Mix'd Media Inx by Donna Salazar to distress.

Hi everyone! I don't have a crafty card or project to post today but I do have some handmade flowers to share with you. I love the girlie grunge look of Donna Salazar and I spent some time this weekend viewing her Tuesday Tutorials. Donna makes gorgeous flowers and on one episode she shared a wonderful time saving tip-die cut flowers in colors you use often and store until needed. She completes some of the flowers creating her 'flower bouquet' stash while others remain in their die cut state until needed. I spied a wild rose on Donna's blog that Mistra Hoolahan, a member of her design team, used on a scrapbook layout. Mistra was kind enough to include a link to her tutorial and these are the flowers I am sharing today. The options are endless and this is a perfect way to use up those scraps or perhaps paper you've been hoarding, like me. ;) For her wild rose she is using Donna's Rose Creations dies by Spellbinders however the process can be applied to any die cut flower. One note from me, heavier cardstock can take the water better as a light weight paper will tear easily. If you really want to use a lighter weight paper go easy on the water and crumple gently. Another thing is Distress Inks do not work with this application, the ink disappears which is why I am using Donna's Mix'd Media Inx. It actually blends with the water and you can create amazing watercolor effects with this ink. I'm totally addicted to it!!! Here's the next set and you can see the variety you are able to create with this one die.

I've used Patina Mix'd Media Inx  on these.

You can create the height you want by shaping each layer.

The brad in the center is there to hold the petals together and give the flower stability while shaping it. It can be easily removed and the layers can be glued together. After that the possibilities are endless-a coordinating brad, flower center, rhinestones, pearls or a button would all work. Obviously flower stamens work too and you can find them in the cake decorating section {no, they are not in the floral section which makes no sense if you ask me} of your local craft store. ;) On this set I decided to add some glitter because I am using them on a scrapbook layout where I need a little sparkle. Also, these roses have the look and feel of a wild rose in its various stages. I used to grow roses in my garden until I moved to Tennessee where the soil is not pH friendly and consists mostly of rock and clay. :( Can you tell I miss my roses lol.

I used Indigo Mix'd Media Inx on these & Crystal Snow glitter.

I used two shades of purple cs for this rose, love it!

Thanks for stopping by and I'll be back soon with a crafty project. I'm currently working behind the scenes on future DT projects and handmade Christmas gifts as I type this post. I've been inspired by the many talented people out there in the crafty blogosphere and each person on my gift list is receiving at least one handmade item from me. With all of my other "jobs" I am going to be a busy, busy girl. Have a wonderful day wherever you are and a big welcome to my newest followers! :) 


Pauline said...

Wow! What stunning embellishments you have created, so pretty!

Janny Jager 't Hooft said...

What a beautiful flowers you made Lisa.
Love them very much.

Greetings Janny

Jeanne J said...

Lisa, If I could make flowers like this I would never make a paper rose EVER again! GORGEOUS! Love the deep purple with the sugary sprinkle on the petals - drooooooollllll!! Gotta check out that tutorial NOW!

butterfly said...

Wow, Lisa, these are amazing! Gorgeous variations in colour and patina, and the shapes are wonderful. I have to come back soon and pay proper attention, but I'm swamped in preparations for this blessed wedding, so not really allowed to come out to play at the moment! Just doing a quick sweep before retiring, exhausted, to bed!
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Your flowers are totally awesome and I know they are awesome cause the one on my Birthday card you sent was fan blinking tastic! xx

Tracy said...

Beautiful Lisa! It's been ages since I've made one of these and I didn't use inks when I did them. They always come out gorgeous just like yours. Have a great week! Hugs!

Sue Lelli said...

Lisa, these are so incredibly BEAUTIFUL! I especially LOVE the indigo sparkly ones!

Marjorie said...

These are really beautiful Lisa, I saw some of these being made at a craft show once and said to myself "I will have a go at that" but never did....really must have a try lol!! Hugs,

Lisa M said...

I'm in heaven!! L1 nicely done on the little weekend rose factory production. :) The cost of buying them is almost more than I can swallow, but knowing you can make them from scratch using scraps is AWESOME!!! I'm going to have to say that even though they are all GORGEOUS, I love that purple color! Thank you so much for sharing the link. I'm going there NOW.
Big hugs to you,

Marjie Kemper said...

Those are really stunning, Lisa!

Dr Sonia S V said...

Such beautiful flowers
Cheers from Bangalore, India

Mrs A. said...

Your flowers look fab. Thanks for the tip on flower stamens being in the cake department! I have looked every where for them as I need some to complete a project I'm working on. Hugs Mrs A.

Margaret said...

These are gorgeous! Love the whole shabby vintage style and can't wait to see how you use them!! I think my favorites are the patina ones (go, but the purple is such a stunning piece too!

Shirley-anne said...

Stunning handmade flowers crumpled and coloured them beautifully .Thanks for the hints and tips and the link too .

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