Saturday, March 12, 2016

Incoming Christmas Pocket Letters


Yes you read my blog title post correctly. 
I'm a bit late with sharing the pocket letters I received from my Pocket Letter Pals last December. There was a lot going on in my personal life and even though I dropped the ball I wanted to share them now because each pl I receive is special to me. 

The letter above is from my Merry Christmas Group swap partner from Utah. I love all of the stamping and coloring she did on the pockets. :) Thank You caffeinemah!

 The letter below is from my pal in Missouri.
She reached out to me at PLP's and asked if I'd like to swap. I'm so glad we did because I love her pl and the delicious candy she sent as well. :) Thanks Charli!

 This letter is from my pal in Connecticut.
It was our second swap with the first being a Halloween themed pl. From the handmade knit tassle to the cupcake wreath I love it all. It didn't hurt that she also sent some peppermint bark for me to munch on as well. :) Thanks Kristine!

Last but not least is the pocket letter that I received from my pal in Illinois.
Monica reached out to me to see if I'd like to do a recycled Christmas card swap in January. I agreed and this is the one I received from her. I love the dachshund in the top right pocket, he's just too cute. Thanks artgirl4040 (aka Monica)!

With this post I am officially caught up with Christmas, Valentine's, January and February incoming pocket letters. I'm sorry it has taken so long to get these posted on my blog. I learned in late December that my younger sister was dying of terminal cancer and everything became a bit of a blur. Reality can set in hard sometimes and it makes us take a step back. To be totally honest I couldn't appreciate these fully when they were received because they were reminders of what she would never have again, another Christmas-Valentine's, January....

It has been good for me to go back, look through each and every one of these incredible pocket letters and take in the the time, love and creative effort these wonderful pals put into them. There is a lot wrong in this world....a lot of pain...and suffering...but there is good as well. One of the places I find good is in this community of pocket letter pals. I guess it's why I didn't let go of it when everything turned upside down. Through this group I've forged friendships which I know will carry on, with people from all over the world. It's a good thing and it's even better when times are tough! My friends have faithfully prayed for me and my family, sent encouragement our way and blessed us beyond measure. 

So to all of my Pocket Letter Pals and my Facebook pal, Aparna, thank you!
You make my world brighter!!

As for my sister, she's in heaven now with her Lord. There's no more suffering, only joy and for that I am grateful.


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Lisa Minckler said...

I finally went right where you told me to and I got some!! They're sitting right here on my desk, looking at me, taunting me....I'm terrified and excited all in one to dabble in them.

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