Thursday, March 10, 2016

Incoming Valentine Pocket Letters for February

I'm a bit late today but I'm gonna go with better late than never. In fact I should have shared these last month but February wasn't the best month for me personally. Real life took it's toll and I totally spaced on sharing the Valentine pocket letters that my pals from Pocket Letter Pals sent me. So today is the day and as you can see I have some really awesome pals. There's no favorite because I absolutely love the creativity behind each and every one. The pocket letter above is from my pal, Natasha, from England and I love her style. It was filled with goodies and she also gave me a beautiful floral hair pin plus a wire rose she made by hand. It's a lovely pocket letter and I can't thank you enough Tasha (her name at PLP's in case you want to swap with her as well). 

The next pocket letter is from my pal, Glenda, in Florida. We've swapped several times and I love the detail she added to each pocket. 
The adorable ladybug banner is so cute. Thanks Glenda!

This pocket letter is from my new pal, Nori, and it included fabric and mixed media. Am I a lucky girl or what to receive this awesome pocket letter. I'm excited that we arranged another swap for Easter! Thanks Nori!

This pocket letter is from my pal, Mary, in Florida and it's our 3rd swap. Not only did she send me this fabulous pl she also made a handmade book for recording my personal and group pl swaps. She always adds a little something extra and although she doesn't have to do that I appreciate her kindness. Mary is a sweetheart and I adore this pl! Thanks Mare :)

Last but certainly not least is a pl from my new pal, Cherise, in Michigan. I love the fun papers she used and the sweet little banner she added. She also included a metal heart ornament as a keepsake. I love this pl Cherise, thank you so much!

That updates my Valentine incoming pocket letters from my pals at Pocket Letter Pals. Tomorrow I'll be sharing more incoming pl's from January and February. 



Pia S said...

Gosh. So much crafting inspiration here! I need to get my hands on some pocket letters so that I can join in the fun...

Lisa Minckler said...


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