Friday, March 11, 2016

Incoming January and February Pocket Letters

I'm back to share the remaining incoming pl's I received from my Pocket Letter Pals in January and February. The letter above is from my pal, Katrin, in Germany and I'm so glad she reached out to me and wanted to swap. She knows I love rabbits, and white ones in particular, so she created this adorable rabbit for me and placed him in this whimsical mixed media scene. I can't tell you how much I love it Katrin, thank you!

This pocket letter is from my pal, Bonnie, and we were swap partners for the Fun with Snowman Group Swap. I love the variety of snowmen, thank you Bonnie!

This pocket letter is from my first Australian pal, Sonia, and we were swap partners for the Winter Fun-Snowflake Group Swap. I love it Sonia!

My friend, Mary, and I were partnered for the Baking Group Swap and this is the adorable pocket letter she sent me. I love it, thank you Mary!

This winter themed pocket letter is from my Facebook pal, Aparna, in India. This was our second swap and I'm currently working on her third pocket letter. I love having friends all over the world. It makes me realize that we're basically all the same. Thanks Aparna for my fabulous pocket letter!

This beautiful pocket letter is from my group swap partner, Jennifer, for the What's in a Name? swap. We were to share the etymology of our partner's name and characteristics associated with it. I love the design of her letter and she really went above and beyond when creating this one for me. Thank you Jennifer!

Now you can see why I am enjoying being part of the Pocket Letter Pals community. On a separate note, this past Christmas was a difficult one for me and during the chaos I totally forgot to share my Christmas incoming pocket I will be sharing those tomorrow. Even though I'm terribly late I feel it's important to share every pl I receive. I hope my pals will forgive me for dropping the ball and will enjoy seeing them on my blog now. :)

Happy Friday everyone!
Lisa xx

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