Tuesday, July 5, 2016

June Pocket Letters - Incoming and Outgoing

Hi everyone!!!

I'm back from my vacation break to share the pocket letter I made for my friend, Mary, in Florida. Originally we were due to swap in May but my hectic travel schedule didn't allow me to get hers made then and luckily she agreed to postpone our swap to mid June. I was in between trips and I'm so grateful for the extra time. In fact, I'm just home from my second trip (30th anniversary) and we had a wonderful time enjoying New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado. 

Technically though, I'm not officially home yet. I'm in Nashville to prepare for the "unusual" baby shower I'm hosting for my son and DIL this Saturday. My hubby travelled home yesterday and our friends that house sit for us were so sweet to leave some meals for him this week. He'll be back on Friday to celebrate with us this weekend. I'll post the crafty makes for the shower next week and you'll see what I mean by unusual (as in not traditional). My son has always been an original and I feel that his baby boy (Yes, it's a boy!!!) will be the same. ;)

Incoming PL's

(pl by Mary L.)

Okay, back to the pl's that Mary and I made for each other. She's a true sun seeker and while I enjoy walking on the beach, picking up shells, and hearing the surf I confess that my happy place is in the mountains. Being a Florida girl Mary naturally loves the beach and her pocket letter (above) reflects it. Each pocket is a true treasure but there's one that's my fave...

Love the clear pocket she added with sand from a Florida beach. :)

How did she know that my fave sea creature is the sea horse???
I adore my pocket letter Mary, thank you so much and for the wonderful goodies too!

This next pl was from my friend/pal in England, Tasha. I sent her one as well but unfortunately it was damaged by the mail service and was sent back to me. All I could salvage from it were two pockets and the rest was thrown away. Totally disgusted with the postal service's response when I contacted them but I'm just lucky they sent it back to me at all. At least I know she didn't receive it and why. So happy she was understanding and when I get home making her a new one is the first thing on my To-Do list. Here's Tasha pl -

Black, white, pink and gray is one of my fave color combo's and I love the girly feel of this pl. There's nothing like putting on a LBD (little black dress) spraying some perfume on and having cocktails with your sweetie. Love this pl Tasha and the fabulous goodies too. Thanks so much!!!

Hopefully I can get back in the swing of things when I travel home next Sunday. I'm looking forward to being home for a few weeks. We'll be dog sitting our grand "fur" baby, Rosie, while her mom travels for a college summer class and we'll reunite them at the end of the month.

 Thanks for the visit today! I'll have photos of our 30th Anniversary adventure to share with you on Friday.



Anonymous said...

Goodness me Lisa always so much to see you must of spent HOURS on these! love the little pocket of sand too! that is to cute! hugs me xxxx

Caroline D. said...

Congrats on your new grandson! All the PL's look so wonderfully summery! Bet it's fun To look thru your PL album

Beebeebabs said...

Nice work thanks for sharing!!!

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