Friday, July 15, 2016

Part 3, 30th Anniversary Trip

Happy Friday!

It's Day 3 of my photo share of our recent 30th Anniversary trip. Today is all about Bryce Canyon which is a sacred place to me. My first visit was in August of 2008 and I've been anxious to get back ever since. Finally on June 29th, 2016 I found myself there again and it was like I'd never left. The big difference was that I had more time to spend in this magnificent place and I took full advantage of it. 

FYI no filters....just the glory of Bryce Canyon....enjoy!

Red Canyon in Dixie National Forest on the way to Bryce Canyon.

Bryce Canyon General Store

While I was making my way to Sunrise Point several riders emerged from the Navajo Loop Trail. Certain areas of Bryce can only be accessed by horseback.

Ok, not a big selfie person but for Bryce I made an exception. 
(hubby let me out so I could start hiking to Sunrise Point while he found a spot to park, the place was packed)

He caught up with me but wasn't too happy I was standing near the edge of the cliff snapping away. Oh dear!

The hoodoos in Bryce Amphitheater (located between Sunrise and Sunset Points) are incredible.  

Wall Street (the Navajo Loop Trail passes through it) at Sunset Point

Navajo Loop Trail in the amphitheater at Sunset Point

Inspiration Point is a steep climb... 

I had to snap this on our way rails and it was super windy so hubby held on to the branch to make sure he didn't go over the edge. :)

a long way to go....

The end is in sight :)

close up of the amphitheater

I could look at this view forever, thank you Inspiration Point!

Thor's Hammer is another iconic image at Bryce Canyon and you can get a good shot from the Navajo Loop Trail or Sunset Point.

Thor's Hammer

Close up of the Grotto's at Bryce Point

Views from Farview, Agua Canyon, Ponderosa Canyon, and Black Birch Canyon...

Rainbow and Yovimpa Viewpoints

Both of these are in close proximity to each other and worth the short walks. 

Hubby grabbed all the shade he could find as southern Utah can get pretty hot in June.

and Yovimpa Point
Last stop for the day...

See the guy (3rd from the right) he was explaining to a tour group what they were viewing and he was very informative. My hubby was listening but I was snapping away...

 a bit off the beaten path....which did not amuse my hubby lol

Mid afternoon and it was a bit hazy but you can see the Dixie National Forest and Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument. Further out is the Grand Canyon in Arizona as the guide was explaining. By this point I was outside the fence....a girl has to do what a girl has to do. ;)

I could literally keep going but it's nearly 7 pm on a Friday evening so I'm gonna hit publish and enjoy some time with my sweetie. Believe it or not I'll be back tomorrow and Sunday for rare weekend posts as I want to wrap up the photo journey of my trip. I'm on to new things next week and I need to get a few crafty items in the mail overseas. ;)

I also want to say that the people of France......everywhere actually......are in my prayers. This world seems to be upside down right now and let's just hold those we love a little closer and give thanks for each and every day. May God bless and comfort those who lost loved ones and the injured in the terrorist attack in Nice, France. My heart goes out to each of you.

Thanks for looking,
Lisa xx

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Paper Profusion said...

Was a joy to see these Lisa. Bryce really blew me away with its spellbinding magnificence. Your photos are fab! Sure makes me want to revisit! Nicola x

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