Thursday, July 14, 2016

Part 2, 30th Anniversary Trip

Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City, Utah

Hello again!

I'm back with Part 2 of our 30th Anniversary road trip. Today I'm sharing our time in Salt Lake City, Odgen and Park City. I realized when I started sizing all of my photos for uploading to my blog that I would have to share our trip among several posts. I have so many photos I would love to share but I'm going to have to hit the highlights. Hopefully if you haven't visited these places you'll be inspired to and if you have I hope it brings back wonderful memories.

Temple Square in Salt Lake City

I was intrigued by this building with the hanging garden on the roof. 
Looks like a magical place to me!

Along the sidewalk there was literally a babbling brook which was so incredibly peaceful. 

I was very impressed with the architecture on Temple Square.

Obviously we came in the north entrance, there were gorgeous flowers everywhere. :)

We spotted a quick glimpse of the Tabernacle.

This is where the Mormon Tabernacle Choir rehearses and we were hopeful we'd be able to attend one. 

Unfortunately the day we visited is the day they flew to Europe for 3 weeks of performances. 
Maybe next time!

The Salt Lake Assembly Hall 

The Gothic architecture of this building is stunning and I love the stained glass windows.

I actually snapped this photo inside the air conditioned visitor's center. It was only 103 degrees!

Visitors are not allowed in the Tabernacle but there is a model in the visitors center showing what each floor looks like. There's no charge to tour the center or the grounds.

The details are stunning and I'm glad we were able to visit the Temple Square. 

A quick snap of the state capitol.

Next up is our visit the same day to Hill Air Force Base Aerospace Museum in Ogden north of Salt Lake City.

In the late '60's my dad was stationed at Hill AFB and it was my first U.S. home. I was born overseas and while I don't have memories of the Philippines I do have some of my time living in Ogden. My dad bought me my first horse, a Shetland Pony named Princess (original, huh!), and I remember riding her with the Wasatch mountains in the background. In August of '67 I became a big sister when my little sister was born.

Inside the museum...

I'm happy that I was able to visit Hill AFB for personal reasons.

Park City is where we were based but truthfully we spent 3 days in bed due to the nasty cold we picked up (yep we both got it) and only ventured out to eat dinner. I did snap photos of historic downtown while we were out and some along the way there. We did not visit the Olympic Center nor did we get to do any hiking but we'll do those next time. :)


Where we ate the first night - Main St. Pasta and Noodle

The sunrises over the Uinta-Wasatch range were breath taking!

 I'll never forget them!!!

Tomorrow I'll share our visit to Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. It is a very special place and I have a ton of photos. :) See you then!



Peanut said...

Fabulous photos, Lisa. Thank you for sharing.... maybe one we'll go there. Better start saving the pennies, eh?
x Asha

Paper Profusion said...

Great to see these Lisa, Ive not visited any of these locations during my trips but it all looks interesting. Nicola x

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