Sunday, July 17, 2016

Part 4, 30th Anniversary Trip

Arches National Park Visitor Center

On Thursday, June 30th we visited Arches National Park in southeast Utah. It was our second visit with the first one affording us only an hour or two in the park back in 2008. For that reason, and despite the torrid temps, we wanted to see Arches again. Early arrival is a must this time of the year and I brought my own shade along in the form of a large golf umbrella. ;) Fortunately we did not experience the 3 digit temps that a couple we met in Zion National Park had. They were from Maine and couldn't fully enjoy Arches because of the heat. So fair warning - go early am or late afternoon evening. The great thing about this time of the year is that it is daylight until 9 pm so you have plenty of time to explore. Okay that's my public announcement, let's enjoy some photos of this amazing place together. 

Once you leave the visitor's center you start winding along sheer cliff rock walls.

The Three Gossips

Windows Section of Arches

We parked and started hiking up to the North Window. 
The walkway was a nice addition since our visit in 2008.

near the top they added a stairway 

North Window

This window is huge in scale.

My hubby looks incredibly small standing in the center of the window. 

Upward View

South Window

Told you I brought my umbrella, it was a lifesaver. :)

Turret Arch is a short hike from North and South Windows and we climbed up to it and took photos which I still need to edit and upload. 

close up of Turret Arch

Time to head back to the parking lot way, way, way out there. 

I can imagine the folks that might have taken refuge in these caves when this land was open and free to roam...wonder what they were like.  

Balanced Rock 

Scenery along the way to Devil's Garden

Devil's Garden

Shade was in scarce supply and the temps were already creeping up.

Course this little guy was right at home. 

now where was all this hiking leading to.....

Did we make it??? Yep, but my camera battery didn't. UGH!!!
I managed to get a snap of the first of three arches in Devil's Garden. 
You ask, was going back to the car an option? No way, we now know why it's called Devil's Garden, it's hotter than Hades.  
We'll just have to commit the other two to memory. :)

Oh well, here are a few more photos that were taken before we got to Devil's Garden

We stopped by the Visitor's Center on the way in and out, it's very nice and like most parks do they had a great video of the park and its features. 

--for some reason I can't find my photos of Delicate Arch but I'll edit this post and upload them when I do-- 

In case you're wondering where Arches is located, it's 5 miles north of Moab, Utah. Moab is a nice city and we ate lunch there. As I mentioned before you want to visit during the summer either very early in the morning or very late afternoon / evening. It is torrid during midday and through the afternoon. It's important to have water with you for proper hydration and several people brought umbrellas like I did, believe me it made a huge difference.

We had a great time touring national parks in Arizona and Utah. I hope you've enjoyed the pictures of the majestic places and that it inspires you to get out and visit these national treasures. Tomorrow I'll be sharing our visit to Little Switzerland in Colorado and Santa Fe, New Mexico. Also, apologies if you were waiting on this post this weekend. Our daughter surprised us with a visit on Saturday and I've had a bad headache off and on as well. 

Thanks for the visit! 
Lisa xx

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Paper Profusion said...

Terrific to read all these posts thanks Lisa. Your wonderful photos bring it all back. Nicola x

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