Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Mini Album Page Templates for 8 x 8 Album

Hello again and welcome!

We are in the middle of my Disney Mini Album reveal and as promised I am sharing the templates I created to make interactive pages. It's not hard once you determine the size album you want and for this mini I decided to create it 8" x 8". In Part 1 the album covers, spine and binding were covered and you can find that post here. Part 2 covered interactive pages 1 and 2 and that post is here. I'll be sharing pages 3 and 4 tomorrow and will wrap with pages 5 and 6 on Friday. Once those posts go live I'll edit this post and include those links as well. Edit: Page 5 here and Page 6 here. Also, I have updated my tutorial with a photo tutorial showing how I assemble and build my pages.

If you have any questions you can email me at but please be advised that currently I am extremely busy and I check my email 1 - 2 times a week so it may be a few days before I respond. It will help tremendously if you put Mini Album Page Templates in the subject line as well.  All I ask is that you refer others to this post where they can download their own copy. Please do not copy/share to use as your own tutorial. 
Thanks in advance for your cooperation! 

Click here to be taken to a hidden page to retrieve your templates, tips and I also included waterfall templates I used in making my mini album.

Lisa xx

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