Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fashion Pocket Letter

Fashion PL Swap

I totally meant to blog earlier in the day but it has been a busy one. So I'm here now with a super fun pocket letter that I created for the Smaller Pocket Letter Fashion Swap which I'm a member of over at Pocket Letter Pals. We were challenged to make a pocket letter using 3 pockets only, front and back. I was paired up with a swap partner from Belgium and after messaging each other we agreed we liked both modern and vintage fashion. 

I was unsure of what colors she preferred and when I started thinking about it (and looking in my closet for inspiration) I settled on the classic black and white combo. Every gal has/needs a fabulous black dress in her fashion wardrobe and this ad in Vogue was perfect. Then in another Vogue I saw an ad featuring actress Rachel Weisz and the images were smaller so I cut them out and collaged them to the front of my pocket. 


I guess I should stop here and say that I cut my pockets vertically while most did theirs horizontally. The reason, hopefully is obvious, the lady in the dress demanded to be vertical. :)

I added stickers, silver sequins and a camera brad to the front. Washi tape on both side and as you can see ribbons, brads and a tag to the spine. 

Now for the back side...

 The back is a collection of all things black and white. I added stickers which say "Friends are the best accessories" and that's so true...I think. I added black lace (which doesn't show up very well) and a string of pearl trim to the right side of my pocket (left in photo). The tag documents what the pocket letter is for and when it was created. I'm only sharing it now because my swap partner in Belgium just received it....25 days it took...guess I'm gonna have to give the US postal service a bit of a break. :( She kept reassuring me it would arrive and I'm just glad it did. Here's a quick photo of her goodies.

I sent lots of goodies and I'm so happy she loved everything. :)

This was a fun swap but I'd be remiss if I didn't share her fabulous pocket letter which arrived in record time.

My incoming PL from my pal, Shanon, in Belgium.
Front Side

Back Side

I just love the vintage style pattern and fashion sketch...the fab shoes are stickers and they're awesome too. I love my pocket letter so much and it was chock full of goodies not to mention that it smelled divine. Love, love, love it Shanon! Thank you again!!!

Thanks for taking a peek at my PL and my pal's.
Take care,
Lisa xx


Pia S said...

So stylish and elegant, love this retro design, super feminine and pretty!

butterfly said...

I love your vertical pockets... you're right, she HAD to be upright - so chic and tall and elegant - an inspired choice for your trio. Love the b&w continuing on the other side too. Great swapping.
Alison xx

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